Beginning with end in mind - The Vision

A universally accepted truth that, every physical creation emanates from mind whether be it an idea, plan and / or intention, mostly goes unattended. Around the globe, extraordinarily successful, well recognized and acknowledged persons found driven by this truth and duly influenced by some ideas or plans and intent about that what they want to be while considering the fact that who they are. Those possessing the ability to transform remarkably and zealously their ideas / intention / plans into reality are called visionary. Being visionary does not mean the one who must be a born-visionary, rather it is regarded as habit which needs to be inculcated to become a visionary doer.

Elaborately, like an dramatist who first puts on his concept / ideas on paper or prepare mental outline similarly a singer puts on sounds exist in his mind and then transform it into a tangible shape with zeal, efforts and actions to achieve self-fulfillment. Most of the people get engaged into long ream of papers and keep doing their work all day and finally end up with disappointment and rejection. The reason being that though they are working all day but they do not inculcate in themselves the ability to make the mental outline of how they have to do which not only give them with a feel of accomplishments by beating the deadlines and a lighter workload on their shoulders simultaneously.

Beginning with the End in Mind is beyond thinking distinctively about end-result. In addition to critically examining specific objectives, goals and plans, this habit requires looking at values and principles which provides us general guidance. Having a clear vision of what is to be delivered / achieved is a power beyond any match because success is purely depended upon how well the ideas are conceived, defined and transformed in actuality.

A project must be backed by strong vision to show what the success would look like. Quality of being visionary towards any project helps us visualizing our goals and making us conscious of them, our full energy, skill and talents get activated to transform them into reality, In order to ensure all of project requirements are managed with expertise, excellence and integrity and to keep project on-track, on-time and within budget one must have to deal with clear and stronger vision.