VIP Builders has been providing top quality framing services for home builders and commercial contractors. Adopting advanced framing techniques leading to optimization of material usage to cut down on waste, eliminate redundancies, reduce labor, and increase a home’s energy efficiency, we maintain structural integrity. Our commitment to craftsmanship & consistency has differentiated us as preferred ones among others who seek premium over quality. Our team and vibrant network yields highest level of professionalism, reliability & capability right from the start to successful accomplishment of the task.

Quality Concern

As the quality-end-product is not only needed much attention, care and precaution at the last stage but proper preservation and storage of material carries equal weightage during the whole process. In order to ensure highest framing quality and perfection we go for both onsite construction and factory controlled and protected conditions with constant supervision to bring the task completed within stipulated time and standards.

Service Components

We build strong structures encompassing project requirement assessment, analysis & troubleshooting, listing deliverables and construction management with labor.
Strong Structures
framing walls
repair doors, windows,
floors, walls, and roofs.
Specifically, we are at-home in remodeling and improvement projects for commercial buildings and homes.