Lack of Skilled Laborers

The shortage of skilled laborers in construction industry was marked in early 80’s. Despite ever healthy and steady growth in overall construction-work domain the compelling situation of laborers demand and supply gap is found to have been widening ever. Several surveys suggested that construction firms face hard time to look for skilled laborers and so far so if they succeed to find them their retention appears to be a hard-nut to crack.

Elaborately, like an dramatist who first puts on his concept / ideas on paper or prepare mental outline similarly a singer puts on sounds exist in his mind and then transform it into a tangible shape with zeal, efforts and actions to achieve self-fulfillment. Most of the people get engaged into long ream of papers and keep doing their work all day and finally end up with disappointment and rejection. The reason being that though they are working all day but they do not inculcate in themselves the ability to make the mental outline of how they have to do which not only give them with a feel of accomplishments by beating the deadlines and a lighter workload on their shoulders simultaneously.

Studies reflect multiple causes towards the stigma attached to lack of skilled laborers in Construction Industry around the globe which as a challenge has to be addressed / combated to bring attraction in employment with Construction Industry. Nevertheless, the perceived notions of laborers for construction industry is primarily adhoc and non-progressive profession in nature which is in particular unacceptable for young generation

Reports indicated relatively low remuneration as a major reason for the construction laborers shortage. In the construction industry, laborer work is considered to be an unstable and dhock work especially in term of remuneration / compensation. With the advent of indirect employment through multiple manpower suppliers, main firms or contractors find themselves more comfortable in saving large expenses than having permanent worker and administrative personnel.

The disinterest of locals in construction industry and dislike towards built-in phenomenon of dirt, danger and difficult do not let the people feel attracted to work in construction industry. Construction activities often take place at outdoor risky environment that is not safe, healthy and under extremely hot weather which according to various reports have recorded highest rate of accidents. Thus the poor work environment at construction sites in terms of health and safety is also major cause of non-attraction towards construction industry. In the wake of above situation the construction industry definitely could not guarantee that the skilled labor can have a stable income and the industry will bring charm in it for the laborers .

The lack of skilled labour directly or indirectly causes a lot of adverse impacts to the construction industry. It has identified some compelling difficulties like poor quality of skills which come across when shortage of skilled labour, the contractor may tend to employ the unskilled labours in order for them to continue the works on site. This is due to the contractor needs to complete the project even though they cannot get the skilled labour because delaying the project can not be afforded and those unskilled laborers that being employed are not an expert, therefore the quality of the work will definitely be affected.